How to open ports in Windows on CREODIAS


If you want to open a port in the Windows firewall in order to let a specific IP communicate with your computer, please read the following instructions:

1.Open Windows Start menu, and click the “Settings” icon, choose “Network&Internet”, and “Windows Firewall”


2.Find the “Advanced Settings” window and locate “Inbound Rules” on the left side of the panel.


3.Click on “New Rule” on the right and choose “Port” option. After that, click “Next”.


4.Decide whether to choose TCP or UDP protocol and enter desired ports (all, single or range from lowest to highest divided by dash) and confirm it by clicking “Next”


5.Allow connection by choosing proper option, and then click Next.


6.Choose for what conditions port should remain open and after accepting options write down the name (and possibly description) of profile (usually name of the application using the port) and confirm whole operation.


More manuals for Windows you can find here