How to correctly delete all the resources in the project via Horizon Dashboard on CREODIAS


If you are not going to use the resources in your projects anymore, please delete them to stop charging them by the billing system.

Log in to Cloud Dashboard ( and from the drop-down menu select the project.


Please do not delete a project before deleting all the containing resources. Deleting the project before deleting the containing resources makes them orphaned.


1.Select NetworkFloating IPs → mark Floating IP and press Release Floating IPs.

  1. Go to NetworkRouter → mark Router and press Delete Routers.

  1. On the Project tab, open VolumesSnapshots and delete all snapshots by marking and pressing Delete Volumes Snapshots.

  1. Switch to Volumes and from drop-down list select Manage Attachments. Then press Detach Volume. Finally mark volumes and delete by pressing Delete Volumes at the right side.

  1. Go to ComputeInstances. Select all instances and click Delete Instances.

  1. At the end, select IdentityProjects and from the drop-down list select Delete Project.