How to download EODATA file using boto3 on CREODIAS

Download particular Landsat-5 image.


We strongly recommend using virtualenv for isolating python packages. Configuration tutorial is available here: How to install Python virtualenv or virtualenvwrapper on CREODIAS.

If virtualenv is activated:

(myvenv) eouser@vm01:~$ pip3 install boto3

Or if we install package globally:

eouser@vm01:~$ sudo pip3 install boto3

Script for downloading one .png file

Remember to generate EC2 credentials for your project, as described here: How to generate and manage EC2 credentials on CREODIAS.

Remember that you cannot change the output file extension. If you do so, the file content would be empty.

import boto3
access_key='YOUR ACCESS KEY'
secret_key='YOUR SECRET KEY'
aws_secret_access_key=secret_key, endpoint_url=host,)


bucket.download_file(key, '/home/eouser/image.png')

Save your file with .py extension and run with the ‘python3 <>’ command in your terminal. For example:

(boto3) eouser@vm01:~$ python3

And here’s result:

(boto3) eouser@vm01:~$ python3
(boto3) eouser@vm01:~$ ls  image.png