How to Login to Data Explorer on CREODIAS Cloud

CREODIAS hosts more than 34 petabytes of Earth Observation data in EODATA repository. Data Explorer at enables you to

In addition, it will allow you to

  • Upload your own AOI in Polygon (geojson, kml)

  • Provide support for multipolygons (.wkt)

  • Provide advanced, more intuitive searching

  • Search by type eg. Optical, Radar, Altimetry, DEM

  • Use on-the-fly created Query URL

  • Use workspace to keep all data under one roof.

In this article we show how to log into the Data Explorer.

What We Are Going To Cover

  • Opening the Data Explorer website

  • Logging in to Data Explorer


No. 1 Account

You need a CREODIAS hosting account with Horizon interface Create a new account if you need, by visiting

Step 1 Open the Data Explorer website

Navigate to the Data Explorer website: .

You should see the following page:


Step 2 Log in to Data Explorer

Click the Login button in the top right corner.


Enter credentials for your CREODIAS account and click Sign in.


You will be redirected to the previous page.

If you logged in successfully, the buttons in top right corner should be replaced by a welcoming message:


What To Do Next

Now that you have gained access to the Data Explorer, you can start browsing, downloading and ordering products.

Here is how to download a single product:

How to Download a Single Product Using Data Explorer on CREODIAS Cloud

To make them usable, the products should be processed first:

Processing Products with Data Explorer on CREODIAS Cloud