How to Install Boto3 in Windows on CREODIAS

boto3 library for Python serves for listing and downloading items from specified bucket or eodata repository. In this article, you will install it in a Windows system.

Step 1 Ensure That Python3 is Preinstalled

On a Desktop Windows System

To run boto3, you need to have Python preinstalled. If you are running Windows on a desktop computer, the first step of this article shows how to do it: How to install OpenStackClient GitBash for Windows on CREODIAS.

On a Virtual Machine Running in Creodias Cloud

Virtual machines created in the CREODIAS cloud will have Python3 already preinstalled. If you want to spawn your own Windows VM, two steps will be involved:

  1. Log into your CREODIAS hosting account with access to the Horizon interface:

  1. Use or create a new instance in the cloud. See article: Connecting to a Windows VM via RDP through a Linux bastion host port forwarding on CREODIAS.

Step 2 Install boto3 on Windows

In order to install boto3 on Windows:

  • Log in as administrator.

  • Click on the Windows icon in the bottom left of your Desktop.

  • Find Command prompt by entering cmd abbreviation.


Verify that you have up-to-date Python installed by entering “python -V”.


Then install boto3 with the following command:

pip install boto3

Verify your installation, with command:

pip show boto3

What To Do Next

With boto3 library you can download and list satellite images from buckets or eodata repository.

How to access EODATA using boto3 on CREODIAS

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