How to mount object storage in Linux on CREODIAS

First, check if you have s3cmd installed by typing s3cmd. If not install it according to instructions:

Command 's3cmd' not found, but can be installed with:
sudo apt install s3cmd

If you do not have OpenStack client installed yet to install it with (sudo apt install python3-openstackclient)

Then load your cloud credentials with the command:

source ~/cloud_XXXXX\

Check your credentials:

openstack ec2 credentials list

where Access token and Secret token will be used in s3fs configuration:

echo Access_token:Secret_token > ~/.passwd-s3fs

Change permissions of the new created file

chmod 600 .passwd-s3fs

Uncomment “user_allow_other” in fuse.conf file as root

sudo nano /etc/fuse.conf

Now you are ready to mount your object storage to your Linux system.

s3fs w-container-1 /local/mount/point - passwd_file=~/.passwd-s3fs -o url= -o use_path_request_style -o umask=0002 -o allow_other

More information about s3 protocol can be found on these links:


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