How many products can be ordered at once on CREODIAS


The maximum number of products that can be ordered at once is 2000. If you want to order more products you need to prepare more orders. This manual will show you how to prepare orders with more than 2000 products.

First, we can check how many products can be found (Sentinel-2: BoA reflectance is an example here) with the chosen criteria. A detailed description of EO Finder can be found in the article: /networking/How-to-use-CREODIAS-Finder-on-Creodias.


Log in to Finder with your CREODIAS credentials, otherwise you will not be able to choose a processor:


After clicking “Search” you will see:


In this example, EO Finder shows more than 2000 results. This information is placed at the bottom of the “Search results” area.


You can order the products by clicking on “add all to cart” button.


If you try to add the number of products which extends the limit you will get the warning message.


It is still possible to order chosen products, but it needs to be divided into separate orders with the number of products not exceeding the limit of 2000 products.

We advise dividing the orders for about 1000 products maximum.

You can do it by changing the search criteria for observed or published periods. The time scope for the first search was almost 2 weeks. When the search is reduced to one week the search results amount fits the required limit. Criteria can be changed as on pictures below.






As a result, you get a number of products in the search results query that does not exceed 1000 products.


We can add all results from the search query to the Cart. The order can be named now. A detailed description of preparing order can be found here /networking/Ordering-offline-products-on-Creodias. When first order is ready the whole process can be repeated for another order with different time scope.

Finder API

Products can be also ordered with command line by using Finder API. Detailed information about how to do it can be found in this manual How to order products using Finder API on CREODIAS. It is possible to use this method to order products found in EO Finder. There is a generated link in the search field which can be used to order many products in one order. The limit of a number of products that can be ordered that way is the same as above.


In the article How to order products using Finder API on CREODIAS there is an example of a script which can be used. The only modification that has to be done is a replacement of identifier_list to resto_query. Here is an example:

curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type:application/json' -H
"Keycloak-Token: ${KEYCLOAK_TOKEN}" \
  -d '{"priority":1,
  "order name":"test_order",
  "processor": "sen2cor",
  "resto_query": "
&dataset=ESA-DATASET"}' | python -m json.tool