Available tools on OSGeoLive Image on CREODIAS

If you want to access OSGeoLive, please follow this link: How to Get Access to the GUI of a OSGeoLive VM Using X2go?

How to get access to GUI on VM with OSGeoLive image?

OSGeoLive 13.0 Contents

Additionally, our OSGeoLive image contains other preinstalled software, helpful with processing of EO-Data:



Your virtual machine has to be launched in project with EO DATA!

Some tools such as GIS may have access to data from EOData from the file system.

Usually the resource for EOData should be mounted automatically, but if not, please follow:

Go to System ToolsLXTerrminal:


Perform the following commands on the terminal:

sudo mount /eodata

ls /eodata

You can find more information about mounting EOData resources about mounting EOData resources here.


Using the ls command you can check the EOData resource has been mounted.

GIS example

On the example of GIS, the user may have access to data from EODATA from the program level.

Using the Finder you can find the product you are interested in. You can check how to search for a product using the Finder here.


In the Browser panel you can go to a specific product from EOData.



The ESA SNAP software could be found under OtherSNAP Desktop: